Thursday, March 30, 2006

Halloween 2005 continued

Here are some of the great freakshow billboards I had a local airbrush artist named Alan Silva create for me. I am a moderately okay artist but don't have this skill. His product was just the theme I expressed to him and all turned out really cool. I met him at a expo in Sacramento and he did a great t-shirt for me really quick. His portraits are really cool, I am checking with him before I post his contact info here. I highly recommend him.

This is a closer picture of my babies. The two with glowing eyes are the ones with the LED blink circuits. I had a lot of fun making these guys and hope to be able to use them again.

My friend Chris and what is obviously his offspring. This match was unplanned but serendipitous.

Now if we could just find mommy's remains...ummm, ahem, I mean find mommy. that is a guy. Saul is the fellow who has the guts to let kids get candy from his sweetly spread torso. Tim is the fella who played my freak doctor. Add some fake intestines ( hose and latex paint) and you have some nice props to play with the kiddies.

And just because I love this picture, this is Tim's wife, Rachel, in the foreground.

You can see the love.

This grizzly (and much better looking in low light, I might add) scene was inside the tent. There were a few kids who went for the "crap" candy outside the tent rather than reach into our victim's bowels. We had several actors throughout the night doing different roles. I will be posting pics of them and some of my prep work a bit later.

But for now, this is me saying, "Get some candy, little kiddies."


Micah and Beth said...

Nice. Those billboards are a good touch. I especially like the one on the left. I need to admit that the babies picture w/o flash is a bit frightening. I would walk briskly past them. I can't help it, - small possessed things are spooky - and they always move fast! "I've played with Mommy, now I want to play with you!"
And, I'm done.

MortisSanguine said...

I finally checked my blog...thanks munchikn.

Working on the other one as we speak. Will have to do pages of old pics to share.