Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Halloween 2005 Baby Pics

These are some pics of some of the babies I did for the 2005 haunt up close and personal. I bought some really cool LED circuits from Terror by Design. They are well worth their price. The boards are programmed to do a variety of blinks/strobes. The pattern I selected used is a random blink pattern. Very cool effect, I only put the LEDs in a few of the babies. So here are my kids.

Pin head has real finishing nails in his head. His clothes are made out of highly fashionable gaffers tape, as any Cenobyte will tell you, is all the rage.

This sweetie, my little (fallen) angel's wings were made out of a pipe cleaner frame and liquid latex. No mold was needed because he is only viewed from the front. His horns were made from dental acrylic I have for making fang caps and false teeth appliances. The tongue is a strip of latex painted black. I burrowed out his eyes and added the LED lights mentioned above, filled in the sockets around the eyes with white unbaked sculpey, and viola.

On the left is my zombie. I put him next to a severed leg prop and glued a strip of latex to the severed end and his/her mouth. It was leg. The skeleton one was cool but could have been better. Granted, like most props, looks a lot better in the dark. I had a lot of fun trying to get bones painted on right.

I thought I was done this year (2005) on babies but I couldn't resist and bought a couple more...they were meant to be together. I brought out the trusty exacto knife, acrylic paint, made some new spots for some of the extra parts and POOF. My very own Frakenbaby. I really like how this one turned out. Except for the slight separating of the babies right lower arm from the body showing the joining plug this one stands up pretty well to even close inspection.

I got all these sweet kids from K-mart. I forget what brand they are. All except Pinhead have the molded/rigid bodies. I was experimenting with Pinhead's body type and they didn't have anymore of the rigid bodies. I think some crazy Halloween nutjob bought the others....heh.

I highly suggest using the Krylon spray paint for plastics (Fusion) as your paint or base coats. The plasticizers used in the dolls that keeps them flexible retards the paint curing process. You will likely have a serious sticky mess on your hands. Even using these paints I had some that were a bit tacky BUT the folks at Krylon were SUPER cool. They have some great customer service and answered my e-mail in a thoroughly descriptive and explanatory manner. THEY ROCK. Oh, and they told me to use Minwax Polycrylic, a waterbased protective finish. Worked like a friggin' dream. I bought the clear satin, great effect.

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