Friday, January 16, 2009

Finished Haunt

One of two cool gargoyles that we got this year. My wife actually talked me in to these. Yeah, I find that funny, too.

Remember that guy Dave. The angel there is his work. He even used a dremel and etched in the dark lines. The lines were painted after in a darker color.

This is the altar in the main mausoleum. The rectangular bowl in the middle held the candy. You can see all the candy on the floor from TOTs either dumping it and running or throwing it at our actors in fear.

Altar with uber kewl lighting. We used over two hundred LED tea lights for this effect. My wife and I have grown to not like blacklights so much. The ambiance is so artificial from the bluish lighting. Looking in to the bulbs is blinding and when you walk into a haunt and say "Oh, look, a blacklight," it looses its effect. I think the pictures below will show how nice and creepy it turned out.

Remember the concave three piece mausloeum? Add lighting and the shelves become even cooler.

Altar again.

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The Frog Queen said...

Amazing work!! Great picture. Stunning!!!