Friday, January 16, 2009

Partially to mostly finished

Here is my coffin unpainted. Due to time I didn't get to add all of the features I wanted. I hope to add some really nice decorative trim, and handles.

I added some cool resin pieces we got from Ross for cheap we painted it brown.

You can see the people barriers put together. I think these turned out really good and bcause of their materials they were substantial enough. Really pleased with this project. And since they collapse down they are much easier to store.

The angel with blood tears was nice and creepy. The effect was more for us to enjoy because there a lot of small detail that gets missed by TOTs. The lighting was bright enough that if you looked at it you could see it but when busy looking for the next bad-thingy-that-wants-to eat-your-brain it gets missed.

Top of a mausoleum. Got the skull statuette from Big Lots and the leafy metal decor from Ross.

Another view of the mausoleum with statuette. To its left is a concave, three piece, tall mausoleum. It made a nice cupping shape and hid the nook just behind it well. A false wall was put across the nook that led to the back yard. Just another place for my bad things to hide. I had hoped that we could "kidnap" volunteer TOTs from their group and take them in the back yard. Thier group would wonder where they went (maybe they got eaten). Meanwhile we would be zombifying them with our skilled makeup artists and sending them back out into the crowd. Due to rain the zombification process was cancelled.

We made some of the mausuleums have a Dia De Los Muertos style. The Mary picture was pretty cool. It took a lot of resolve to not paint on a skull head or make it all bloody.

Better picture of the concave three piece mausoleum. The pieces to the left and right had these cool shelves. You will see what made them cool in the finished portion...just remember it.

Knick Knacky stuff. The sculpted piece below the angel is a wooden decorative piece, gotten from Lowes. Votives, candle holders, and wierd pot thing from Ross.

More decor and our pet mummified cat. On the ground you can see the creepy plants that add a lot of 3-D to the haunt.

The skulls were these really cool paper mache things we got from Lowes (Hecho in Mexico). Sturdy, lightweight and each one was stained (looked like by hand) so that they were all different. You can see the other two sides of the dismembered lamp attached here. Remember the brickwork on the plain brown box earlier? This is it textured and painted. BTW I hate painting straight lines.

Creepy plants attached and nicely hiding the support brace that anchored the main mausoleum. That big white garage door you see up top was hidden by plastic roll table cloth attached to ceiling and droaped over top of the main mausoleum.

This is the view from the back of the garage looking out.

Same area looking back into the garage.

About the same spot as the picture above it but looking at the main mausoleum. The coffin is insdie this and we did a creepy altar where TOTs had to get candy.

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