Friday, January 16, 2009

Zombies and Thugs

Heather and Frank. Frank usually is an autumn but for the zombie make-up he went a little bolder. We had to talk him out of the 5" stilletos. Heather did my make up (you will see later). And I am perfectly comfortable with saying I love how make up makes me feel. More importantly how others feel about me.

Remember how cool my kid is? She had gone out trick-or-treating before coming back to the haunt and walked up to me. She said one of the most beautiful things..."Daddy, can I have a wound, I want to be a zombie." What father could resist such a thing.

Add some darkness under the eyes....

...and you have a recipe for sweetness. See the snack in her pocket? Me and my girl.

Dax with his prehaunt snack. Careful, she gums back.

My Ro and Madison. Sure, it looks cute....awww they are playing kitchen. They are making finger soup. So there. And don't worry, Snow White has a happy ending.

No, she isn't eaten by her Dad, Sky.

She becomes a zombie and joins the circus. I mean, c'mon, she already has the dwarves for the freak show. I am so proud at how she warmed up to the zombie idea. All it took was my girl helping her make finger soup.

Exterior of the haunt. Channi is in the red shirt off at left, James is in the leather trench. He came as Rob Zombie....I told him a zombie theme. He is a smart ass. Greg and Frank in front of the haunt. You can see Giselle behind and to the right of Frank. She was helping with...

SUH-CUR-ITEE! This is Tiffany. I had these hats made so that the people who were running the line at the front were obvious and given a bit more authority. They wore the shirts I made this year and looked awesome. They did a great job helping out.

My security Mooks. Kemper, Giselle, and Eee. Left side is Dax and behind Kemper is Kash. Kash and her husband Mike helped out on the build, too, but because it was a small work day (not many people) we didn't have spare hands to take photos of it. Kash made a bunch of cool zombie informational brochures and bracelets that said "infected." She kept telling me not to bite people. Yeah, that happened. Me not biting, right.

In the center is Randy. Halloween is his birthday. If you remember he was my Freak in a Box some years back. He got a really cool metal Freddy Kruger glove so he did the whole get up.

Well, it seems like Dax is a broken zombie. His bite doesn't make other zombies, it makes cute baby bees. terror....cute buzzing baby bees. Wait, bees kill more people every year than sharks.....never mind. GOOD JOB, DAX!

Dax rolls with a rough crowd. Representin' the Urrrrrrrrrgh. Grrrrrrrrr. Arrrrrrrrrrgh.

We don't want no problems. Just eatin' brains.


And people wonder what my wife sees in me.

My peeps. Look at this crowd. Have you ever seen a more beautiful assembly of hotties? Cosmo ain't got nuthin' on us.

Looking forward to next year...whatever theme it may be.

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I couldn't be more proud.